Moderation with Conviction, Warmth & Charm

 Marianna Evenstein is an American event host, conference moderator and television presenter based in Berlin, Germany.

Marianna’s natural charisma engages every audience and her down-to-earth grace lends a touch of class to any event, film production, trade show or gala she moderates – whether in her native language of English, in German or Russian.  

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Marianna Evenstein loves to communicate – whether it’s on stage, at the podium or on-camera.

The native New Yorker has more than 10 years of experience moderating corporate events, galas and conferences, as well as appearing in image films, product videos and on live television. 

With her background in broadcast journalism and as an anchor on Germany’s international news network DW, Marianna is skilled at presenting complex topics clearly and concisely. Her warm and authentic style engages every audience. 

Marianna has worked with companies and organizations from around the world and across the most diverse sectors. Close collaboration with her clients and utmost professionalism ensure that every event and production is a resounding success.



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